Black Women In Clinical Research

Black Women In Clinical Research Conference



Black Women in Clinical Research (BWICR) is a network for black women to connect and share knowledge in the Clinical Research Industry.


To educate, empower, support, and help black women thrive in the clinical research industry.


To train and teach about the clinical research industry.


To excel in the clinical research industry confidently and with the tools necessary to succeed.


To network and provide a social platform for black women in the clinical research industry.


To prosper and flourish while being a leader in the clinical research industry.

Interested in Hiring Diverse Clinical Research Professionals

If you are interested in hiring diverse Clinical Research Staff please e-mail info@bwicr.com

Career Assistance/ Referrals

We offer assistance with your career. We send job leads and connect you with a network of individuals in order to secure a career in the clinical research industry. Send an email to info@bwicr.com

Career Services

Career coaching

Cover letters

Interview preparation

LinkedIn summaries

Mock interviews

Resume edits/ writing

Resume reviews

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We offer Mentorship opportunities for Mentors and Mentees. Please contact info@bwicr.com for more information

I Got the joB!

Praise Report!!!! I’ve been in clinic research for 8 years on a site level. I’ve been wanting to transition to the CRO level but every time I applied I was denied. My sister-friends Ashley Clark added me to this group and then Crystal Smith pushed me to actually use the services! I did a resume review and edit with Tawni S. Fears which helped me elevate the quality of resume. I was granted a formal interview for a game changing position and wanted to use the interview prep. Danielle S. Coe helped make sure that happened. Mychanee' Jefferson gave me the tools to be prepared and confident during my interview. Ladies, these resources are not to be taken for granted! They are worth it! Ive always struggled with seeing my worth in this industry but this group has given me so much inspiration. I was still nervous when I completed my interview but by the time I was done, they were thanking me for being so prepared. Now I have accepted an offer from PPD for a Clinical Team Manager position. God is good and this group is a blessing!! Thank you to everyone that has helped me along the way including my recruiter Tiffany Hemphill . I’m happy to say #IGotTheJob



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