Brand Ambassador Program

Jazmin Barnes, Brand Ambassador Leader

Jazmin Barnes

Brand Ambassador Leader and NC Chapter Admin

Welcome to BWICR Brand Ambassador Program!

Our Brand Ambassadors promote our mission, products, services, events, and opportunities. The vision for this program is to spread awareness of BWICR and the clinical research industry but also tap into our passions! Whether that is community outreach, social media, workshops, giveaways, building connections with leaders, etc. As ambassadors, we are seen and also heard. 

Interested in becoming a Brand Ambassador? Please see below!

Our Brand Ambassadors are: 

- Passionate about clinical research.

- Passionate regarding increasing diversity in the clinical research workforce and or trial participants. 

Positive, charismatic, and engaging

- Present on social media.

What do we do?

- Engage on social media such as LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, ClubHouse, and Instagram regarding BWICR, clinical research, and what you currently do! Below are various options.

Post at least once a week regarding clinical research or engaging with our audience.

- Participate in our content schedule.

- Share our events as well as other useful clinical research events. 

- Tap into our passions whether that is working with youth, marketing, connecting with leaders in the industry, etc., and use that to spread awareness.

If this sounds like something you are interested in, please reach out to the Brand Ambassador Leader, Jazmin Barnes, at or email