It is not a surprise that for such a long time women have been sidelined in society and the medical field is no exception. Women globally are speaking out against injustices as we fight for gender parity. It is not just about the selection of profession but also the inequities that come with some set of these professions that set apart women because of their gender. We are a constantly evolving society that should be able to embrace women as surgeons, clinical researchers, cardiologists, and even neurosurgeons. The medical field is a diverse field that has a majority of women as nurses. In fact, nursing is the largest healthcare profession, and it is consistently rated as one of the most honest and ethical professions by the public. How often do we appreciate these people?

The increasing diversity among health professionals is one aspect of appreciation we would like to recognize and spread our love this month to women across the globe in medical fields. They are the frontrunners of every healthcare institution and without their touch and love, they wouldn’t be what they are now. It’s been a difficult season of the pandemic but their constant sacrifices and love towards their job have made this season as bearable as it could have been. Women have shown passion in medicine that the world needs to see and applaud them for it. While we were all indoors trying to avoid the crowds and the world in general, they were at the frontline looking for the best ways we could all get better. Constantly reassuring us that everything will be okay and reminding us that they will not give up until they find a workable solution. 

Many things have changed these past few months but the strength and resilience of our health heroes haven’t. We send our utmost gratitude and support this month of love for ensuring we had a fighting chance in this pandemic. We can never fully express our gratitude for standing in harm's way, stepping up to the task, and facing the greatest tempest to keep us safe. 

Hearts have been lightened, smiles have been brightened and joy has surfaced upon the earth because you didn’t and never give up on us. We constantly celebrate you. Here is to our true heroes. Join our Facebook community page and show some appreciation to our heroines.

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  • This honest write up brought tears to my eyes. This is who we are as nurses; always giving and hoping for the best for the patients we care for. Thank you for this piece. Many blessings!

    Dr, Chikaodi Banor DNP, FNP-C

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