Breast Cancer Awareness Month

Breast cancer is a form of cancer that involves the growth of unwanted cells in the breast. These cancerous cells may spread and get attached to various body parts around the breast. Among the symptoms of breast cancer, is usually the detection of a lump around your breast. However, modern research has proved that it is possible for one to have a lump and not necessarily have the cancerous cells. Other symptoms include discharge from the breasts, inversion of the breasts though this could also be caused by ovulation. Among the symptoms includes redness of the skin as well as swelling of breasts. 

If you have noticed any change around your breasts it is important that you seek medical attention. Doctors advise that early detection of the cancerous cells could help in getting fast treatment, preventing the cancerous cells from spreading around the body. Immediately you see a doctor, screening will be done. A mammogram will be used to check on the mass of your breast. It is important that you get a test first in order to prevent worse conditions from growing. Breast cancer would be caused by other conditions that include cyst, eczema, dermatitis and previous body infections. 

There are several risks that are taken lightly which need to be taken seriously. These risks oftenly result in breast cancer eventually. Heavy consumption of alcohol especially with women could result in breast cancer. Research shows that being physically inactive, not watching your diet could be a bad result in the near future. From all research, it is clearly indicated that it is more than necessary to work out and eat right. By checking through your diet, you have to ensure that you include intake of fruits and vegetables. Women are at a higher risk of getting breast cancer as they get older, mostly from the age of fifty. 

This month is mostly set aside to remind people that no matter what age you are, it is important that you know your status. You may not have cancer in your early twenties. Even in your fifties it is still very possible to get breast cancer. It is advisable to plan for regular checkups and maintain a healthy lifestyle by working out and eating healthy. Join Black Women in Clinical Research today!

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