Black Women in Clinical Research (BWICR) aims to change the Clinical Research narrative, making it a well-known, respected, and inclusive career path. The team under the leadership of Danielle S. Coe has set up systems and avenues to ensure that this goal is achieved. Since 2019 when BWICR was founded, several ladies registered as members have shared testimonials on their eventual employment security, along with terms that they negotiated for based on their skill presentation. #Igotthejob is a hashtag our members use when updating the community on their successes as a result of working with the consultants and professionals at BWICR and networking with other ladies in their field. Below are some of the #Igotthejob testimonials!

Anonymous Testimonials:

  • Director of Research at HCA, Dallas
  • “I’m so excited to share that I got the job!!! I had given up on clinical research and my dream job. I applied for positions in the past and got rejection after the rejection email. My friend Melody Sipp told me about this group and I joined. I saw so many women entering into clinical research and I started to get inspired again… maybe it wasn’t too late for me. I met with my friend and colleague Mychanee’ Jefferson and she helped me to revamp my resume. She is a miracle worker!! She helped me to see some of the skills I’d overlooked and use those as talking points. I started applying to jobs again, and I started to get interviews!! ... I even was daring enough to apply to my dream job: A Director’s position. They called me back for an interview and I fell in love. Long story short.. I got the job! I am the Director of Research at HCA in Dallas!! I am working in the field I want (cardiology) doing what I love (helping others). Special thanks to Ashley Gantt who was open to talking about the position and to my mentor Jason Carey who encouraged me and coached me along the way! #Igotthejob”

    2.CRA 1 - Oncology

    “Hello, ladies! I can finally say I got the job! I am so excited and overwhelmed with emotion because God finally answered my prayer. I am the new CRA 1- Oncology with Syneos Health. A little story about how I found the position. One morning I saw a post in the BMICR group about positions I did not qualify for. So I reached out to the recruiter to ask if she would review my resume and consider me for any positions she thought I would be a good fit for … I went through the interview process and the recruiter said they were very interested and wanted to offer me the position. I took a leap of faith and it really worked in my favor. I want to thank each and every woman in this group because without you I have no one to network with and learn from. We are some bad chicks! I love what we are doing thank you Danielle S. Coe for having the vision to create an awesome place for us to have community! Thank you Emily for the resume review … Thank you Mychanee’ Jefferson for the awesome interview prep … I would also like to thank Andrika Dominique for the phenomenal interview prep/salary negotiation...What’s for you is for you! Believe that!”

    1. Associate Director - Regulatory Submissions

    “First day as Associate Director, Regulatory Submissions in the books. Thank you to Mychanee’ Jefferson who took the time to talk with me for interview prep with no power when the whole state of Texas was shut down. Thanks, Danielle S.C. for this platform to share and connect with other like-minded professionals.”

    Such testimonials and success stories motivate continuity and more effort put in developing the BWICR to ensure that we all succeed and make Clinical Research an inclusive career path. You too can join the family by registering at https://forms.gle/jxzBLd7dqz4oyCd16

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