The International Conference on Medical and Health Science

The international conference on medical and health science is a conference aimed at providing a platform for students, doctors, researchers, and academicians to share knowledge and ideas on contemporary issues in the field of medical and health science.

As a black woman with a keen interest in clinical research, this is an incredible opportunity to share your research ideas, findings, and new information in the field of medical research and also learn from fellow researchers. The main goal of this conference is to promote scientific information interchange between students, doctors, researchers, and academicians around the globe.

This conference is organized by Researchfora and they welcome submissions from researchers like you across the globe. The prospective authors are invited to submit full and original research papers which have not been published anywhere before or are under consideration in other journals or conferences through researchfora email

This is a great platform for research and for black women in the health research field who are looking for a global platform to publish their work and also to meet and share cutting-edge development in the field of clinical research.

Collaboration is a good way of expanding your network and finding out the current trends in medical research which you might not be aware of. The estimated turnout is between 500 and 1000 guests based on the previous editions and you are thus likely to encounter eye-opening research that has been done by other researchers in the medical field.

In last month's article, we touched on networking strategies and it was noted that a majority of individuals who have published clinical research didn’t do the research by themselves but relied heavily on other people’s work. You can get insights on new areas to study in the future by joining this conference and listening to what other researchers have to offer.

Yes, the purpose of research is usually to add to knowledge, which means that research is usually based on what has been done. Medical research is not different, it is an improvement of other researchers’ studies and you can only find out what other researchers have done or are currently working on by joining such conferences and platforms with other researchers. This is common knowledge and thus just a reminder of the reason to be a part of the conference if you are looking for new platforms to publish your work or to learn new things in the medical field.

The medical research field is wide and also very fast-paced, it is good to find platforms that are up to date with the most current findings from all the professionals, students, doctors, academicians, and researchers like you. This platform thus gives you an edge or a head start on where to focus your new research based on what is currently being done by other researchers. Other researchers can also learn from your work when you submit it to the panel for review and publication.

This conference which shall be happening on 23rd- 24th August can be joined online from the comfort of your home or office. And you can simply join through this link.

Nice time ahead!


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