Understanding the Viruses

Well, there are so many questions arising all over the world in a quest to understand the coronavirus. It seems as though we are in the age of living with this virus since something is always coming up. So many questions arise in trying to understand the various variants and their properties. Since the start of the holiday, hospitals have been busy treating patients suffering from the viruses. 

From the different results to the tons of research that are being done, our medical experts are fully overwhelmed while in service. The struggle that they go through to attend to every patient while still taking good care of their health, is unsurmountable. The sacrifices that have been made for everyone to live well have also been immeasurable. Some nurses have even opted to be travel nurses to earn a better living while delivering better services to the patients.

The expectations from the world in matters of health are that we get to the root of eradicating the virus. Everyone is hoping to wake up to the day or time, season, where Covid and all its variants will be a past occurrence. The flip side is that the Covid era has helped the world become more aware of their health status. A large number of people got vaccinated as a preventive measure although there are still groups that are defiant of vaccination directives. It is almost as if the this group suffers from ignorance when it comes to the body's immunity system. Perhaps this year, the research team will deliver the world from the pain of losing so many people.

At the end of the tunnel, there is hope. The end of the previous year may not have been the best, but we all pulled through healthy. All thanks to the research team and medical experts. This year, all hope is not lost, we know better results will emerge. The best that we all can do is study and be careful when it comes to our bodies. Join our Facebook community page to join in this conversation.

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