What do we do at BWICR?

We are a community built on genuine care for one another and a deep desire to see us all as Black women enjoy a rich and rewarding career in Clinical Research. Health is a critical industry whose importance cannot be overstated. Black Women in Clinical Research supports various professionals such as CRAs, Clinical Officers, and Study Doctors among more. We do this in a number of ways that will ensure you land the job of your dreams and have a bank of like-minded friends to cheer you on!

  • Career coaching

We want to set you up for a great head start in your career path, leading you towards areas specific to your skills and competencies, and get you to the top. We do this by slotting you in for a coaching session with a professional career consultant, where based on your uploaded resume, you will be guided on the best suitable paths for you and how to get a job there. Sessions cost $99 for every thirty minutes spent with our career consultant.

  • Interview preparation and pay negotiations

Winning at the interview level sets you apart from fellow applicants and taking the correct steps, can even secure you the job right there. We walk you through the industry insights, guide you on what to expect at the interview, and give you tips and tricks to build your confidence. With these, you will be empowered to counter-offer and negotiate for terms that have your interests catered for. Thirty-minute sessions cost $99.

  • LinkedIn whole pages and summaries

LinkedIn is a platform whose power and efficacy in connecting you with the correct employers cannot be overemphasized. This is where you showcase your research studies, skills, and experience. We will set up your LinkedIn page and summaries advising on the areas that must be outlined for recruiters. Whole LinkedIn page consultations cost $175 while summaries cost $99 in the thirty-minute sessions.

  • Mock interviews

We carry out mock interviews, giving you a heads up on all to expect at the table, boosting your confidence, and catching mistakes before the actual interview. A professional BWICR career consultant will be your mock interviewer sharpening your readiness. A thirty-minute session costs $99.

  • Resume reviews

A career professional consultant walks you through areas you can improve on your resume structure and content, and gives you buzzwords that recruiters look for when seeking new employees. A thirty-minute session costs $50.

  • Cover letters

The cover letter is often your biggest selling point and thus, has to be crafted to its best. Thirty-minute sessions cost $75 polishing your cover letter to land you the job.

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